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Botanical medicine and its use in skin health. 

Botanical medicine and its use in skin health. 


Daniela Turley BSc. (Hons.) MCPP, AHG 

Daniela has been treating people using Herbal Medicine for twenty years with clinical practices in both London and New York. Her love for plants is life long but she discovered the power of plant medicine as a teenager.

During her childhood she suffered very badly with eczema and moisturizers available were highly irritating to her sensitive skin. In those days it was impossible in her small town to find a natural cream to soothe her skin. So at the age of thirteen she took herself off to the local library in an attempt to try and make her own healing balm. It was in the libraries books that she started to read about herbal medicine and that plants could in fact be used internally as well as externally for skin disorders.

It was through treating and “curing” her eczema that Daniela discovered the power of botanical medicine and nutrition and sparked a desire as much as possible about phytotherapy, plant medicine. So the age of fourteen she turned up at the door of the local herbalist’s practice asking to be his apprentice. He politely turned her away, kindly pointing her in the direction of the excellent degree courses available to study herbal medicine that existed in the UK. From then on, she had only one goal.

She went on to graduate from the College of Phytotherapy, accredited by the University of Wales, with a BSc. degree in Herbal Medicine. On graduating she began full time work in an integrated practice in London and has been in continual clinical practice ever since having treated thousands of patients.

Daniela also has a great interest in academia and was a senior lecturer in Herbal Medicine at the College of Naturopathic medicine. Daniela is on the academic board of The American School of Natural Health, and a member of The American Herbalists Guild, and The College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy.

As well as teaching, Daniela has been involved in research and development for many international companies. Involved in presenting the latest research in botanical medicine. Most recently she was asked to write a paper for the Institute of functional medicine Covid-19 task force.

In 2010 Daniela moved to the United States with her family where she started a clinical practice in Manhattan and worked in a collaborative functional medicine practice. She maintains a client base in the UK as well as clients over North America, Europe and as far afield as Australia and Kenya. 

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