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Radiant Aging Summit 2023

with Dr. East

Ageless: Ancient and Modern Day Approaches to Anti-Aging and Longevity

Ageless: Ancient and Modern Day Approaches to Anti-Aging and Longevity

Dr. East will share with you things you can incorporate into your life to slow down and even reverse the aging process and live life optimally. These strategies and lifestyle approaches range from costing nothing to more cutting-edge expensive modalities. Added bonus: The Five Tibetans. Dr. East will demonstrate The Five Tibetans and gift you with her downloadable pdf so you may continue this incredibly potent practice.


With a commitment to helping others actualize their greatest potential and well-being, Dr. East has been a licensed acupuncturist since 1999 and a professor of Chinese Medicine, Radiant Aging, and Advanced Nutrition at the Pacific College of Health Sciences since 2004. Specializing in MIE: Motivation, Inspiration, and Encouragement, Dr. East helps practitioners make more money, doing what they love while working less. In 2019 she published the book More Than a Treatment which held the Amazon bestseller’s list in Practice Management for several weeks. She currently resides in Del Mar, CA with her husband and two kids and continues to help patients, students, other practitioners, and the general public with her lectures, workshops, books, events, coaching programs, and well-being-related products.

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