Welcome to the

Radiant Aging Summit 2023

with Kenneth Koles

More Qi More Better

It’s all in your mind. Set your frequency and level of consciousness to the highest place of health, wellbeing and consciousness possible. 


Ken Koles has been seeing patients since 1971 using healing methods from many places and times. He sees patients literally form all over the world both in the office and distantly. His background includes studies in Asian medicine, meditation, martial arts, Qi Gong, homeopathy, nutrition, body therapies, bone setting spiritual healing, sound, color and light therapies and much more.
Ken has lectured internationally at medical, dental and graduate schools as well as with many healers at classes and conferences. Ken is an instructor with the Upledger lnstitute, as well as the creator of the Unwinding Meridians curriculum classes 1,2,3,4 and soon 5. His private practice is in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

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